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March 31, 2020

A time of reaching out.

Who knew our lives would be changed so much in such a short time.  I’m sending you this note to let you know I am here for you, even if it is for a brief check in over the phone 817-731-3700, at no charge to you. 

 I believe that right now it is very important time to connect with each other and know we matter. In the past I have had concerns that even though we have an increasing number of electronic ways of connecting that people are feeling more isolated and more alone. My concerns increased when just the other day I went to the grocery store and noticed no one was looking or nodding at each other.  By socially distancing it’s almost as if we think it’s not safe to notice anyone around us.

If it is of concern to you please know that during this time I am not charging for phone calls; if you want to reach out feel free to call the office; if I am in a session I will call you back as soon as I can. I want to be available if it will help.

Currently, I am still seeing people in the office and others are choosing videoconferencing through Zoom. Zoom has been surprisingly good since we can see each other. My office is following the current protocol established by Baylor All Saints for essential services.  We have safety measures in place and if you choose to come in we will do a brief health screening and follow guidelines to protect your health. My greatest hope is that we can look back at this time knowing something positive came from it.

As you know I have a theme of trees in my office which includes the poem;

Advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud

Sink your roots into the earth

Be content with natural beauty

Go out on a limb

Drink plenty of water

Think long term

Enjoy the view!



Many blessings,


Cheryl Dielman

Ridglea Family Guidance

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