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Family Based Treatment (FBT)
For Eating Disorders
The Maudsley Approach

Stregnths Based

At Ridglea Family Guidance we are excited to offer Family Based Treatment (FBT); an evidence-based therapy for treating children, adolescents and young adults struggling with an eating disorder. In FBT, the parents are viewed as the experts on their child, as an essential part of the solution, and members of the treatment team.  It is a strengths-based program that promotes healing at home within the context of the family whether the parents are married or divorced.

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What It Looks Like


Parents & Family Matter

Parents are seen as the most committed and competent people in the patient's life and therefore best qualified to find ways to fight the illness, to help the individual regain healthy weight, and end unhealthy behaviors.


Intensive Treatment

This remarkable treatment is intensive, and a typical course of treatment consists of approximately 20 outpatient sessions over six to twelve months. At the end of successful treatment families have mentioned an enhanced sense of closeness and respect for each other. 


Evidence & Strengths Based 

Family treatment begins after a thorough assessment of the illness and the present situation.  The assessment includes a medical evaluation; a psychological/social history and clinical interviews to carefully evaluate challenges presented by the eating disorder and identify strengths that can be used in therapy. 

A Different Approach

FBT is a departure from typical eating disorder therapy, and it is understandable that parents might fear they are not up to the task due to the seriousness of the situation.  Our experience has proven that with guidance and support parents provide the most effective, loving and time efficient healing for this difficult disorder.

Resources for FBT

Parents Survive to Thrive Guide: A Resource Guide for Parents of a Child with an Eating Disorder, written by parents with lived experience.

This guide was created to offer parents ideas, advice, tips, tools, and helpful strategies from other parents and caregivers who have been through the recovery process with their own child.


Off the C.U.F.F
A Parent Skills Book for the Management of Disordered Eating

This manual for parents is used for the parent support and skills program at the Duke Center for Eating Disorder. It includes tools to assist family members with an eating disorder. 


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