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The Maudsley Approach

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About Maudsley Approach

The Maudsley Approach is a family-based treatment that equips and empowers the entire family, including the child or adolescent who is struggling with an eating disorder. This approach believes individuals with eating disorders have difficulty functioning normally. It creates solutions where the anorexic member can work with the family unit and better manage his or her weight and eating.

The caregivers empower their child by helping feed and stabilize his or her weight and then restores eating and proper family boundaries back to their healthy place. 

Quick FACTS:

Maudsley establishes the importance of family  in both maintaining and resolving the eating disorder.

This approach aids parents in the task of finding solutions for refeeding their child and helping the child recover and restore their weight.

The therapist helps guide the parents through this process and provides support and suggestions for any issues that may arise during the process.

3 Stage Method

1. Weight Restoration
The goal of phase one is to complete the initial evaluation, set up treatment, help the parents identify and develop ways to effectively refeed and weight restore their child.

2. Return Control of Eating to Adolescent
The return of the control of eating is typically done in a gradual manner, increasing independence as mastery of each step occurs.

3. Establishing a Healthy Identity

It's brief and typically consists of reintegrating the adolescent into their normal adolescent life with more autonomy and re-engaging in activities that may have been disrupted due to the anorexia.


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