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Individual Therapy

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The  goals for individual therapy are between you and your therapist. They’re going to be unique to you, and they’re probably going to change as you go. Real change has to come from within you and we are skilled at helping you discover your own motivation and ability to affect real, long-term personal growth.  Reaching out for therapy is a big step and is often sought because you want to improve your life in some way and you’re ready for a change. 

What Are Treatment Goals?

Examples of individual therapy goals might be:
•    I want to feel better about myself.
•    I want to break a negative cycle and quit making the same mistakes.
•    I want to feel less depressed or anxious.
•    I want to become better at tolerating stress and frustration.
•    I want to find more meaning in my life. 

Sometimes therapy can have very concrete goals:
•    I don’t want to turn into my father.
•    I can’t make a decision about a career change.
•    I keep erupting at my kids.
•    I need help getting through a major life transition. 
•    I want to stop sabotaging my romantic relationships. 

We Are On Your Side

Studies show that therapy is the most effective when it’s based on a strong alliance between counselor/therapist and client. This means that the person in counseling feels safe and supported. This special bond allows you to feel heard and understood and promotes honesty, insight, flexibility, accountability, curiosity, healing, self-compassion, and, ultimately, personal growth. Growth happens when we are able to share our goals and know another person has our best interests at heart.

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