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Ridglea Family Guidance is a place for learning and becoming better equipped as a professional. Cheryl Dielman offers supervision for LMSW’s and LPC-Associates. She is particularly interested in working with individuals seeking training to become certified as IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist. On occasion, there will be internship opportunities for prospective students in the field. Please read the following below and fill out the intern/supervision interest form to see if you are a good fit.



Requires 3000 clinical hours to be completed.

They must meet with their supervisor 4 hours per month based on if they are full time employed. The total number of supervision hours required is 100. These total hours must be completed in no less than 24 months, and it cannot take longer than 48 months to complete within supervision. 

The social work board has determined that if you have a position where you assess, diagnose and treat mental health or substance abuse issues using DSM-V criteria for at least four hours per week, you are eligible for LCSW supervision. 

As of February 9, 2021, LMSWs will no longer submit supervision applications to the board. Therefore, it is best to save a copy of all the paperwork as well as the email you send to your employer about being under supervision.

LPC Associates

Requires 3000 supervised hours with 1500 direct counseling practice hours to be completed.

Must be completed in no less than 18 months and no more than 60 months.

The LPC Associate must receive direct supervision consisting of a minimum of four 4 hours per month of supervision in individual (up to two Associates or group (three or more) settings while the Associate is engaged in counseling.

No more than 50% of the total hours of supervision may be received in group supervision.

An LPC Associate may have up to two supervisors at one time.

Helpful Links

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