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Our Services

We offer comprehensive services, which are tailored to meet your needs.  No matter young or old, married or single, anxious or depressed, we have a therapy that can meet you where you are.


Payment is due on the day of service. We do offer an itemized billing statement which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement as we are a private pay clinic.

Types of Therapy

Individual - We find this therapy helps people who need to clarify thoughts, emotions, and feelings on an individual basis.


Couples - We find this therapy to be helpful with communication, financial, and sexual concerns that may interfere with the couple’s goals and their relationships.


Family - We believe that at times individuals are best helped within the context of the family. For many problems, family therapy has proven to be a more effective, and quicker, way to get positive results. 


Specialized Therapies

Pain Management

Chronic illness and pain affect the lives of so many in our country. Learning how to manage the everyday grind is important. Therapeutic pain management does not ignore the physical symptoms a person encounters, but instead takes into account the mental and emotional aspects as well. Providing a holistic route to wellness which encourages a mindset of hope.

Eating Disorders

Sometime eating disorders are more than just preference issues. Children, teens, and adults can develop strong feelings towards food or eating. At Ridglea there is a certified eating disordered specialist who can help you or your child on this journey.

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